A 70 crore gorgon nut based  Bihar state investment promotion board approved initiated by Shakti-Sudha industries  White ball revolution aimed to address all levels of the value chain in gorgon nut ( Makhana) production , right from procurement of quality gorgon nut from the farmers interest group created by the project ,product development and marketing of the product .

Shakti sudha is a food processing company established in 2006 in technical collaboration with National Research centre for Makhana (ICAR) and with testing and process technology from the reputed institution of India. Shakti sudha is engaged with more than 10000 farmers through its backward integration programme Khet se bazaar tak procuring quality gorgon nut with its strict quality control methods .

Shakti Sudha packaging technology is based on triple graded with heat transfer technology through which the quality and nutritional value remains intact for longer period .

Shakti - Sudha has received wide acclamation in the fields of technology development , product development and testing procedures at par with national and international standards .

Our Vision

Developing a strategy for mass awareness of the nutritional benefit of gorgon nut ( Makhana) leading to harnessing of physiological and intellectual potentials of millions which has been hindered by the silent crisis of protein-iron resulting in malnutrition and chronic disease in the world .

Our Mission

Maximise uses of gorgon nut ( Makhana) & bring preventive health and nutritional benefit to the society .


* To create awareness about health benefits of gorgon nut ( Makhana)  ,augment domestic & international demand and to provide maximum economic benefit to the grower .

 Business Strategy

1. To increase market share in branded gorgon nut products in world

2. To continue focus on backward integration .

3. To have a global footprint .

4. To focus on innovation in our product range to deliver differentiated  product